Ready to try the #1 proven method to improve reading and spelling skills in under 15 minutes a day?

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Phonograms are the building blocks of nearly all English words and anyone can teach them!

With the Thriving Readers Starter Kit, you'll build a solid foundation for strong readers in just 15 minutes a day, using low prep easy activities that build their phonics and spelling skills.

A deficit in letter sound knowledge can lead to:

  • slow readers who sound out every letter in isolation but cannot blend together

  • anxious, self conscious readers who don't want to be called on to read in class

  • avoiding or rushing through tasks that involve reading

  • poor reading comprehension skills which can affect grades in other subjects

  • withdrawal from activities they once enjoyed because they feel like they aren't smart enough

  • poor spelling skills

As a literacy specialist and homeschooling mom, I know you worry if you're using the right curriculum and methods to teach your children or students how to read.

You might be wondering why certain students, or perhaps your own child, can't seem to figure out how to read simple words even though you have taught them all the letter sounds.


You might be worried that something is wrong...maybe they have a learning disability?


Or maybe they are starting to hate school because they struggle in reading.


Maybe you don't understand why they struggle so much with spelling and sight words?


You're tired of teaching the same things over and over and not seeing any progress.


Or maybe, you haven't even gotten here yet buy you want to make sure you do it right!

You might be using strategies like word sorts and word walls.


You probably teach sight words with cute little activities and worksheets that focus on memorization.


You're probably also using leveled readers and books with repeated reading.


And you're NOT seeing the results you want.


I know this because I was you a few years ago.


And after learning about the science of reading and appropriate dyslexia instruction, I learned why these methods were not working for all of my students.

What if I told you there was a better way?

The Thriving Readers Starter Kit is the 2-step system to help you create successful readers in just 15 minutes a day!

only $17

Here's what you'll get:

  • 126 printable phonogram (sound spelling) cards to explicitly teach and review all sounds and spelling combinations in just a few minutes a day

  • Phonogram Drills - exactly how to use the phonogram cards to do daily drills that build decoding and spelling skills at all levels

  • Sound wall components (printable) so you easily teach, review, and reference the 44 speech sounds, their spellings, and proper mouth formation for improved spelling and decoding

  • Easy to follow lesson plan so you don't have to think about what to do, just follow the directions 

  • Video training showing you exactly what to do, and why, so you can be confident in your implementation

What if your students (or child) became proficient readers and no longer struggled through reading tasks and activities?

Imagine watching your students (or child) come to a new, unfamiliar word... and they just read it on their own.


Imagine students volunteering to read and reading for fun.


Imagine not having to worry about spelling or sight words, because your students are all confident readers and good spellers.


Yes, this is possible!

Here's a look at what you get with the Thriving Readers Starter Kit:

Let's take a closer look at what's included and how the Thriving Readers Starter Kit is going to help you improve students' reading deficits.

Daily Phonogram Card Drills

Explicitly teach the 126 different phonograms for each sound with these daily drills, to improve spelling and decoding skills. 

  • Easy to use - Simply print, laminate, & cut the cards
  • Includes recommended routine - Easy to follow lesson plan that takes less than 10 minutes
  • Color and black and white card options for your preference
  • Engaging and multisensory methods for teaching reading

Sound Wall Components

Reinforce the phonograms and correctly teach the 44 English sounds with a mini sound wall. 

  • Cards for every sound, so students learn the different spelling options for each sound
  • Mouth formation cues for the sounds to help distinguish the different sounds (since vowels can be tricky)
  • Excellent reference resource for students as they work on reading and spelling activities
  • Easy to use - Simply print, laminate, & cut the cards

Get the Thriving Readers Starter Kit now so you can confidently teach reading!

only $17

Wanna see inside Thriving Readers Starter Kit?!

Check out what the course area looks like, where you will access your files and tutorials.

You'll love the tutorial showing you exactly how to use the cards and sound wall!

  • Finally stop stressing about reading instruction and instead, feel confident that you're providing one of the best research backed methods to create a solid reading foundation

  • Get EXCITED about teaching reading as you see your students improve their reading skills and experience less frustration

  • Prevent or remediate reading difficulties more easily, as you get instant feedback while you go through the activities

  • Regain your love of teaching! Using a method that works makes it easier for you and your students, and everyone in turn is happier and enjoys the activities. With this kit, you only need to work on reading for a few minutes a day to make a big impact on their success.


What are you waiting for? This kit is waiting for you to dive in and get going!


And, your kids will love that you're giving them exactly what they need to become strong readers & spellers!

only $17

Wahoo! Everyone loves some BONUSES!

It gets even better! When you purchase Thriving Readers Starter Kit you'll also get exclusive access to some AMAZING bonuses!

Video Training ($60 value)

Several video workshops showing you exactly how to use the phonogram cards to do drills and other supplemental activities, and how to use a sound wall.

  • Learn what a phonogram is and how to teach them
  • See how to implement daily phonogram drills in under 10 minutes a day
  • Feel confident that you can teach your students how to read effectively with these simple activities

Sound Boxes Template ($5 value)

Sound boxes template, also known as Elkonin boxes, can be used in several ways to improve reading and spelling.

  • Use them to blend phonogram cards and work on sound blending
  • Use them to segment words and build phonemic awareness skills - the other foundation of a solid reader
  • Use them to practice spelling after doing phonogram drills
  • Quick video shows you how to use this resource
  • Simply print and laminate to be used over and over

Total value: $170


Today's price: $17

I had no idea there was a right way and a wrong way to teach reading... and that many teachers don't even know about the right way!

Hi, I'm Delilah, and I am on a mission to empower educators and parents to use research backed methods when teaching reading.

I had no idea that I didn’t learn how to properly teach reading in my teacher training program. Even with a Master’s degree in education, nothing about the science of reading or dyslexia was covered.


I thought I was doing the right thing teaching sight words, using leveled readers, and telling students to ‘look for clues’ to guess words as they read.


But then I got a job at a dyslexia school and realized I had been doing it all wrong! I learned about explicit phonics instruction, decodable texts, phonics based spelling, and multisensory instruction.


I was shocked that I had not even heard of these things that are based on research and proven to help struggling readers catch up. 


That was 8 years ago and I never stopped learning! In addition to dyslexia training, I did training on Orton-Gillingham and Lindamood Bell and became a literacy specialist. I started my blog to create a resource for others in the same place I was in many years ago.


Working at that dyslexia school and using the right strategies and activities (which is what I share in this product), I learned how effective they were for ALL learners, and was able to help many more students become confident readers and spellers.


If you implement these strategies, you too will feel successful and your students will thank you! 


Let's take a closer look at the features of the Thriving Readers Starter Kit

With this step-by-step system, you'll achieve your goals in no time!


Here's what you'll love about this product:

    • Step-by-step video lessons that show you how to teach phonograms, the building blocks of English

    • My secret sauce strategy to help you create confident readers and spellers in under 15 minutes a day

    • Phonics skills activities that teach students how to read long and unfamiliar words

    • A boost in your students' confidence (strong readers have the confidence to excel in all subjects)

    You'll love the Thriving Readers Starter Kit because these resources are easy to use, adaptable, and effective!

    These resources are so easy to use -- homeschooling moms, teachers, assistants, and tutors can use them to teach children how to read and spell.

    These resources are adaptable, meaning you can go at your students' pace whether that's fast or slow. These flexible activities can be paired with any other reading program!

    These resources are highly effective! Created using research backed methods according to the Reading of Science & Orton-Gillingham. The most expensive dyslexia schools use these strategies!

    Who this product is for

    You'll love this if:

    • You're a teacher with students who are beginning readers and want to teach phonics effectively

    • You're a teacher of struggling readers and need something that works for phonics to turn things around

    • You're a homeschooling parent of a beginning reader or a struggling reader who wants to implement an easy but effective daily phonics lesson

    This isn't for you if:

    • You're not willing to spend 15 minutes a day using these resources with your students

    • You want something hands off - this requires you to direct the lesson

    • You are not able to print and laminate the resources included

    • You don't think phonics is important

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    Frequently asked questions

    Here are a few answers to our most common questions

    How will I get the product after I purchase?

    What ages and grade levels are these for?

    Do you offer refunds?

    Yes, I do! If you're not pleased with your purchase, please send an email to within 30 days of your purchase.

    Are these digital or printable resources?

    Is this all I need to build strong readers?

    Can I really use this if I have no training in reading or teaching?

    Yes, you can! This can really be used by anyone as I show you exactly what to do and it's very easy. There is no planning or grading involved. You just lead the lesson which is mostly auditory using the flashcards and blending template.




    I truly hope that my products help your reader.


    If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, email me at within 30 days of purchase and I will give you a full refund.


    With the Thriving Readers Starter Kit, you'll have the skills & resources you need to build strong, confident readers in less than 15 minutes a day!

    One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Thriving Readers Starter Kit!

    • 126 phonogram cards - $9 value

    • 44 phoneme cards & extra visuals for sound wall - $5 value

    • Phonogram drills lesson plan - $20 value

    • Recommended phonics activities - $10 value

    • BONUS #1 Video Training - $60 value

    • BONUS #2 Elkonin Boxes Template - $5 value

    Total value: $109


    Today's price: $17